Our Programs

Wushu is a general term used for Chinese Martial Arts encompassing the different styles of Kung Fu. At Taishan School of Martial Arts, we offer complete training systems from beginner to master level. We adapt our certification to that of the Mainland Chinese grading system.  We also offer a Kung Fu Instructor Certification program.

Most of our students start with Modern Wushu (Kung Fu), San Da (Wushu Combat), Praying Mantis and/or Tai Chi/Qigong which provide the basics that underlie our other programs.  Special programs include Competition Wushu, Applied Traditional Kung Fu as well as other Traditional Kung Fu styles and Weapons. Although many do start with Modern Wushu, San Da and/or Tai Chi, students can start with or specialize in any of Taishan’s offerings.  Kung Fu Children is a program geared specifically for students 3 – 5 years of age.

One of the unique features of Taishan is individualized training.  Once a student reaches a certain level of proficiency, they will work with Master August Xu and Master Sue Yang to find their own niche in the many different aspects of Wushu.  Training will be structured around their individual strengths, talents and interests.


Modern Wushu/Kung Fu

San Da (Combat)

Praying Mantis

Tai Chi/Qigong

Kung Fu Children (3 – 5 years)

Special Programs

After School Kung Fu Training