Special Programs

Self Defence/Traditional Kung Fu Applications

This is one of Taishan’s signature programs with focus on application of Kung Fu techniques for practical self defence.  The program teaches extremely effective combat techniques that include punches, kicks, takes downs and grappling.

  • Practical self defence techniques
  • A good cardiovascular workout
  • Improved strength, speed, agility
  • Heighten self-awareness, self- confidence and discipline



Special Events Training

This program offers training in numerous Traditional Kung Fu systems including Tai Chi, Drunken Fist, Ba Ji (Rake Fist) and other traditional had forms.  The program also offers training in Traditional Kung Fu weapons such as Nine Section Chained Whip, Three Section Staff and many others.


Selects Kung Fu

This is another of Taishan’s signature programs with focus on more serious Martial Arts training.  The classes are more rigorous and physically demanding with an emphasis on higher level performance and techniques.  Working closely with Master Sue Yang, training is individualized to a person’s particular talents, strengths and interests.  This can include training for Wushu/Tai Chi competition, training in other traditional weapons or hand styles or developing a new form specifically tailored to highlight an individual’s talents.


Private Lessons

Private Lessons are available to groups or individuals.  Lessons can be held at the Taishan School.  For special groups, schools or businesses training can be provided at their site.

  • Self Defence/Street Survival (for individuals, groups, schools, etc)
  • Self Defence and Safety at the Office (site assessment and onsite training)
  • Traditional Kung Fu for Fitness and Self Defence
  • People’s Republic of China Standard Wushu Competition and Wushu Acrobatics
  • Chen and Yang Style Tai Chi
  • Tai Chi Push Hands and Grappling
  • Qigong for Healing and Wellness